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The Colebrook News and Sentinel 2016

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ilene was featured in the Newport Daily Express column Bright, Shining Neighbors in the spring of 2019!

check out this interview ilene did a few years ago

What People Say

I love ilene’s workshops and attend as many of them as I can. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with well organized and thought provoking journal activities. The time just flies by- and is well spent every single time


ilene is a remarkably insightful and thoughtful facilitator. Whether she is leading a group or assisting an individual, she gets to the heart of the matter with ease and humor. ilene sees through challenges and develops solutions in collaboration with others with compassion and determination. Most of all, ilene is committed to other’s success, no matter how they define success


ilene is a Gem! She got my creative juices flowing and is always available for a quick email or call between session to ensure I am on the right track


A much needed getaway and searching time for me. Helped me move forward in my journey. It really is a special place and spiritual experience. S.L. 

Thank you so much for all the behind the scenes preparation that you do to make this event so amazing. You are so  intuitive to each woman present. Like a grandmaster conducting an orchestra you get a standing ovation.

S. W. 

Taking ilene’s journaling course moved me from using journaling to regurgitate my day that I never wanted to return to – to using journaling for an exploration of who I am and how I process and grow. I return to reread the nuggets of insight and strength that I find within me. ilene uses varied techniques meant to draw out the truths under the surface where sometimes a surprise and sometimes reassurance of personal wisdom are lurking. The journaling techniques I learned in ilene’s classes in the 1990s I still use to this day – The goals I set for myself back then – I read them recently – are all done! I am delighted to have met what I then thought were dreams – and – now – it is time to revisit that lesson in journaling to work on this phase of life and dreams  – the skills I learned then are still applicable today. Thanks ilene, for your creative, inventive, brave and loving teachings”


Let’s build something together.

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